Top 5 Smartphones To Buy Under Rs. 20,000 in 2018 !

Having a Smartphone nowadays is a compulsion for everyone, latest technologies in phones are coming day by day. Every company is putting all their efforts to enhance and improve their smartphones for the market. In this race of the ultimate smartphone, HotShotInfo team did a research and came out with top 5 smartphones to buy under Rs 20,000.

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

    For Samsung lovers we have the Galaxy J7 Pro in this list. The best part of this deice is its sexy and classy design, which is completely new and looks modern from the back. A decent battery life and good camera quality makes it to the list. The AMOLED display makes it unique and different if we compare it with other brands.This device was priced at above Rs. 20,000 before but now the price has dropped.

RAM & Storage – 3GB with 64GB 
Display Size – 5.5-inch (1920×1080)
Processor – 1.6 GHz
Rear Camera – 13MP
Front Camera – 13MP
Battery – 3600 mAh
Price – Rs 19,990


  • Xiaomi Mi Max 2

    We have a phablet in our list too which has a very large screen with a long lasting battery. Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC ensures great performance and no lagging. The main feature about this phone is the screen size which is 6.44-inch. The battery is huge too and give a lot of time to use your phone, it will last long till 3 days of average use.

RAM & Storage – 4GB with 32GB & 64GB                
Display Size – 6.44inch (1920×1080)
Processor – 2 GHz Octa-core
Rear Camera – 12MP
Front Camera – 5MP
Battery – 5300 mAh
Price – Rs 13,499 & Rs 15,999


  • Xiaomi Mi A1

    The Mi A1 is the company’s Android One smartphone which really came out good. The smartphone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC which makes it good in performance. The device has dual rear camera setup and has very good crisp screen as well. If you are looking for a device with Stock Android, it is the best smartphone you can get.

RAM & Storage – 4GB with 64GB 
Display Size – 5.5-inch (1920×1080)
Processor – 2 GHz Octa-core
Rear Camera – 12MP + 12MP
Front Camera – 5MP
Battery – 3080 mAh
Price – Rs 13,999 



  • Honor 9i

    Next phone we have in our list is the Honor 9i because we found it really beautiful.It is one of the most beautiful smartphones available in the market and the 5.9-inch display is responsible for it. The phone also offers dual cameras on both rear and front sides and all the cameras are of really good quality which ensures perfect photography.

RAM & Storage – 4GB with 64GB 
Display Size – 5.9 (2160×1080) 18:9 aspect
Processor – 2.36 GHz Octa-core
Rear Camera – 16MP + 2MP
Front Camera – 13MP + 2MP
Battery – 3340 mAh
Price – Rs 18,899


Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

The latest smartphone with mind blowing features is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro. The 6GB RAM makes it the beast of budget smartphones, it is the cheapest phone in India to have 6GB RAM. One of the best part of this device is that it offers 2 days of battery life. It has fabulous dual rear cameras and excellent selfie camera as well. Qualcomm Snapdragin 636 SoC ensures high performance.The display is of 18:9 aspect ratio which gives the phone a very elegant look.

RAM & Storage – 4GB with 64GB & 6GB with 64GB 
Display Size – 5.99-inch (2160 x 1080) 18:9 aspect
Processor – 1.8 GHz & Octa-Core
Rear Camera – 12MP + 5MP
Front Camera – 20MP
Battery – 4000 mAh
Price – Rs 13,999/Rs 16,999

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